Welcome to the 2023 golfing season with the Oak Hills Women’s Golf association. This year, we’ve added a few new tournaments and during the course of the season, we’ll have some social events as well. 

We welcome our new members who will each be assigned a “mentor” to learn the ropes on how to sign up to play, introduce other players, and be there to make your membership easy and fun. 

Our league has blocked tee times starting at 8:00 on Wednesdays and our non resident members are able to play on Wednesdays at resident rates with the purchase of the special league membership card ($40). 

This year, we have upgraded from Golf Genius Basic to Golf Genius Premium. Our sign-up system remains the same. You’ll automatically receive an invitation from Golf Genius asking you to select “playing” or “not playing.” You just need to make your selection and each Sunday, you’ll receive the tee sheet with your assigned tee time and playing companions. 

With the upgrade to Golf Genius Premium, we will have the ability to keep score on our phones, have a “live” leaderboard for special tournaments, send a group text message to all players and in the future we will be able to accept credit card payments. 

Not sure about playing in a competitive environment? We also offer all of the benefits above without playing in tournaments. 

Our application can be found right here on our website, at the Oak Hills Pro Shop, or just email me at and one will be sent to you.

Happy golfing!

Jane Walters

OHWGA President