Committee Assignments


The committee sets up the GHIN system at the beginning of every season by inactivating members who have left the group, reactivating previous members who have signed up again, transferring new members who already have an existing GHIN number and setting up new members who require a new GHIN number. Members then have to be assigned to an 18 hole group in the GHIN system.

A weekly handicap report is written in the GHIN system using the 18 hole group and displays the handicap index and local handicap for Oak Hills for each member. The report is set up to automatically generate every Tuesday and includes email addresses for all pairers, scorers and captains.

Work with the Treasurer to make sure the correct amount is paid for the GHIN fees which are billed 2x a season: as of July 1st and then in October for any subsequent members added.

The committee is able to enter GHIN to make corrections upon request.

Tee sheets are checked with GHIN to make sure scores are recorded. This is especially necessary since handicaps change daily and our tournament results are based on handicaps. 


This committee assignment has one major responsibility, i.e. assigning a specific person to

oversee the pairing and scoring for each respective tournament. With the exception of a few

tournaments (like “Nassau” or “Tee for Two” which are trickier to score) virtually anyone can

accept the job. This is basically a sales job as the biggest challenge is to convince people who

have never done it before – it’s really that simple!

The assignment process should start as soon as possible to get commitments for the following

season so assignments can be formalized and the finalized list turned over to whomever is

pairing the Member Booklet. Because the pairing function is completed by Golf Genius for

Wednesday play, the Pairer is only dealing with those who play on Tuesday, Saturday & Sunday

– a very small number! However certain procedures must be followed if players who choose to

play on these other days are included in our weekly tournaments.

As Pairer:

1) You should receive an intent to play from members BEFORE their play begins.

2) Confirm by email that you have received their intent to play.

3) Pair is you can and select a Captain for that group

After play as been completed...

As Scorer:

1) You will receive a picture of the score cards by email on the same day of play. Birdies

should be circled or indicated in some form. Email back that you have received the card.

2) You will have received handicap sheets on Tuesday from Pat Williams.

3) Score your tournament and then send the results to Lynn Ryan, ASAP. Make sure to

include birdies.

4) Keep cards for two weeks in case of controversy.

5) If you have problems scoring, contact Sue Norton, Tournament Director.


Bylaws were revised and passed in 2021. Essentially, this committee is the guardian

of the documents in case amendments are necessary.


This committee will canvas the membership in early September membership for nominations to the Board.

The membership then votes on the nominations and the new board is announced.


Each member of the committee must be very familiar with the USGA Rules of Golf and know how to look up situations that may arise.  The USGA puts out an app for this.  At the beginning of the season, notify members of any USGA or local rules changes that may have occurred during the winter.  If needed, contact a CSGA rules official to hold a seminar for the membership.  Make sure that members know that if they have a rules question while playing a tournament, they should play two balls on that hole.  Disputes are resolved by our Pro, not the rules committee.  As you play with various members, be prepared to educate them on the rules and answer questions as they arise.  


At the start of the season, the treasurer will send you a list of members as they join.  Upload that list to GG each time there are additional members.  Create a Generic Event each time there is a new membership list uploaded, and delete the previous Generic Event.  (Note:  Only one member of the GG Team needs to know how to do this procedure.)

Each GG manager will be assigned a group of tournaments to manage for Wednesday pairings only.  For each tournament, the manager will clone an event from the most recent Generic Event, set the opening and closing times for sign ups, create the pairings for the event, set the tee times, notify the Nine-Holers of our last tee time, and email the tee sheet to all members.  You may need to edit the pairings to add or delete members at the last minute.  You may also need to email all members with information pertinent to the league.  Details for how to do all this will be given in writing.  Free training is available.    


At the start of the season, update the ringers spreadsheet as the membership list changes.  Add new members as their dues come in.  Be sure to save last year’s ending handicaps for each member of the previous season since these will be used again at the end of the new season.  If a member is new to OHWGA, record her handicap at the start of the season.

After each tournament, captains will email you their signed and attested scorecards.  Record scores for only those rounds which are individual events.  Update members’ ringers each week.

At the end of the season, using the handicaps from the previous season or starting handicaps for new members, determine the 3 best gross and net winners.  Follow the procedures for tie breaking, if needed.  Purchase gift cards for the end of season awards.  Clear the hole by hole data from the spreadsheet, and update the handicaps from the end of season handicap sheet.  




The Birdie Committee is responsible for monitoring the birdies/eagles each member makes throughout the course of the season.  Each week you will receive an email from the league president with weekly tournament results and who scored an eagle or a birdie.  Record who made the birdie/eagle, on what hole and in what tournament.  Continue this for all the tournaments and keep a running list.  At the end of the season, any member who made a birdies/eagle will receive a gift at the annual closing ceremony.  Members with multiple birdies will receive only 1 gift.


The birdie committee is responsible for selecting the gifts and must work within the allocated budget.





The Presidents Cup committee is responsible for running our annual match play event.  The duties of the committee are:


-  At the start of the season review tournament schedule to determine what month match play should begin and how to best schedule/coordinate so matches can be played concurrently with weekly tournaments. 


-  Notify entire membership of the tournament with invitation to play.  Establish list of participants.


-  Set up initial bracket using a ranking system by participants course handicap.  Establish timeframe for completion of each round. 


-  Distribute bracket to participants and record results of each match.  Continue to update and distribute brackets as rounds progress.


-  Insure participants play in allotted time frame for scheduling purposes.


- At the completion of the tournament announce the winner to the entire membership.



Organizing this is the responsibility of the Tournament Chairperson.  The invitation to play is issued through Golf Genius, as for all other tournaments.  Once players have registered, the pairings and tee times must then be made, utilizing the flight brackets established in the Handbook.  If needed, adjustments to flights may be made based on the number of participants signing up.  Once the first round of play is completed, scores are verified and posted with the participation of the Pro.  Pairings for the second round of play are then set, based on standings within each flight, and tee times issued.  The highest handicap group tees off first, and the lowest tees off last.  After completion of final round, any ties for Club or Flight Champions must be resolved by playing additional holes until a winner is determined.  Any changes in playing dates or times due to weather must be issued to all participants as far in advance as conditions allow.

Coordinate with the Hospitality Committee for the traditional gathering and announcement of winners after the final round.  Procure  “replica-trophies” for each winner to be presented at that gathering.  Procure a trophy for the Club Champion which will be presented at the final awards event.      


At the start of new season, create new document for current year utilizing Word.  From Board meetings or other sources, obtain updated information regarding Board members, committee assignments, dates of play, pairers and scorers, special events and regular tournaments.  Create or utilize from others any new tournament descriptions or revisions.  Revise or edit any new rules or procedures issued for incorporation into text of handbook.  Select cover material and color, and arrange for printing in sufficient quantity for all members.   



Publish OHWGA events on facebook group page.

Publish appropriate content on facebook group page to engage the membership.

Take photos at events and during rounds of golf to publish on facebook group page.

Manage the Facebook OHWGA Page – invite, review and add/or decline requests for membership on the group page.



Responsible for various social events including:

Working within the predetermined budget, arrange for any refreshments with the golf course restaurant, purchase gifts, decorations and any other items as needed. 

For the end of season event, purchase gifts for the Golf Pro, Golf Course Superintendent, outgoing Board member(s) and any other gifts as needed. 

Notify the membership of upcoming events and collect any monies. 


This committee is responsible for the recruitment of new members utilizing various methods including posting league information on media outlets, Oak Hills website, Ladies League website, displaying applications in the pro shop and other various activities. 

Ensure that new members:


Encourage individuals to join the OHWGA and explain the social aspects and benefits. With assistance and coordination from the Publicity and Hospitality Committees, explore venues to attract new members. For example: Patch, Norwalk Now, The Hour, to name a few.