Club Rules

Club Rules

The following Club Rules have been set forth and established by the past and present Board of Directors. Requests by a member to change or amend these Rules must be presented in writing to the current Board of Directors for due consideration.

These Club Rules are for the Oak Hills Women’s Golf Association (OHWGA) and do not supercede any other club rules. Please be aware of other club rules when playing in a tournament other than at Oak Hills.

The OHWGA has chosen to use winter rules for the entire season regardless of any other course posting. This means that a ball in the proper fairway may be moved up to 6 inches in any direction except closer to the hole. In addition, if the ball is in a diseased area in the fairway, free relief may be taken at the closest spot where neither the ball nor the player’s feet are in the diseased area, but not closer to the hole. In the event that a ball is embedded anywhere in the general area (excluding bunkers and penalty areas), it may be lifted, cleaned and placed within a semi-circle no nearer to the hole.

The maximum allowable course handicap for tournament-scoring purposes is 45 for all tournaments played at Oak Hills. This means that if your handicap is 52, you receive only 45 strokes during tournament play at Oak Hills.  Handicaps in effect for all players will be determined as of each Monday night prior to the start of the tournament, unless specified otherwise in the tournament description. The handicap listing will be sent to captains, scorers and pairers by the start of each tournament week showing the course handicaps to be used for each tournament during that week and will remain the same for that tournament regardless of any subsequent changes to the handicap.

If the course is open during inclement weather, the player has the option to play in the tournament. If the course is open for play on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday, the tournament will be considered official and prizes will be awarded as scheduled.

The 5 Key Rules Changes

1. "Penalty area" is a new concept that includes water hazards. Golfers are able to do things such as grounding a club and moving loose impediments.

2. A golfer will drop the ball from knee height.

3. You can leave the flagstick in the hole when playing from on the green.

4. Spike marks on the green and any other damage to a green done by shoes or a club will be OK to repair prior to putting.

5. The time allowed to search for a possibly lost golf ball is now three minutes.